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  • Giosué Libois

The way we work - 14/12/2023

For about two months now, we've been making weekly visits to various institutions. Today I'm going to tell you how we do it!

We go three times to the different institutions:

- The first time, we try to gather testimonies about racist situations experienced, witnessed or committed by the participants in our workshop.

We then study these testimonies internally and create theatre forum scenes by mixing the different testimonies we collect. We create between 2 and 5 theatre forum scenes a week, adapting each scene to the group of people we have met.

- The second time, we bring in the scenes we've created and perform them in front of the participants. We suggest that they intervene to try and change things. These situations sometimes bring out new testimonies and new thoughts.

- Finally, the third time, we discuss on how the sessions went. How did the participants feel, what did they like, what did they dislike, do they want more, etc.? These final sessions give us feedback and let us know what we can improve and what we can develop even further!

That was a brief overview of our work! Thanks for reading!


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