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Who are we?

Specta(c)tor is a Genevan theatre forum association.

Theatre forum is an interactive social form of theatre. In a theatre forum, a scene presents a social or societal problem to the audience. The scene is then played a second time, but this time members of the audience are invited to stop the scene and take the place of one of the characters in an attempt to solve the problem. Click here to find out more about theatre forum!


We work in English and French, as well as using non-verbal methods such as image theatre.


Specta(c)tor was born when Kléa Faniko, a professor at the University of Geneva, commissioned a theatre forum with the objective of fighting sexist discrimination in the context of academic research.


The play thus created is called Coffee Machine, which quickly led to other proposals, thus necessitating the creation of our collective.

Since then, we have created another theatre forum, this time on the subject of racism, which we performed during the 2024 semaine des actions contre le racisme in Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, and Écublens

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Constance Lesgourgues
Giosué Libois
Selam Tesfu Michael
David Sentkar
Catherine Jost
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Merci beaucoup pour cette expérience. De pouvoir s'affirmer, remettre les gens à leur place et être en accord avec ses propres valeurs en se respectant, c'est très précieux.

- Anonyme

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